Manufacturing Engineering Intern

Body in White, Tesla | May - Aug. 2023

In the summer of 2023 I interned as a manufacturing engineer at the Tesla Fremont Factory. I learned how to analyze manufacturing lines, optimizing processes and equipment for cycle time. I also practiced project management and handled communicating feedback to vendors on line layouts. I practiced design for manufacturing and assessed tooling impacts as well as engaged in root cause analysis for manufacturing issues.

Case Aeronautics Team

Team Member, Airframe Design Lead | since Sep. 2020

As a member of the Case Aeronautics Team (CAT), I participate in the annual AIAA Design Build Fly (DBF) RC plane competition, where teams from across the world design and compete their aircraft. As the airframe design lead, I focus my efforts on the fuselage design and subsystem integration components. As a part of the competition we also deliver a comprehensive design report on our aircraft and team structure.

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Robotics For All

Board Member | since Nov. 2017

I helped to create Robotics For All, a non-profit organization which is devoted to providing quality STEM education to underserved communities. At Robotics For All, I have led the development of 7 curricula, ranging from LEGO building to Python programming. In the summer of 2019, I led our summer camp program at 4 locations in conjunction with the YMCA. I have also led the organization of Robotics For All's first Hackathon, TobyHacks. I served as the Vice President and COO of Robotics For All for 5 years and now I am an active member of the Board of Directors.

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NASA L'SPACE Mission Concept Academy

Team 25 - Lead System Engineer

In the MCA Summer 2022 session I acted as the Lead System Engineer for team 25's mission concept. I worked with a team of engineers to design the power, thermal, navigational, and communication subsystems of a rover designed to search Martian caves for signs of life. Please reach out if you would like to read a copy of our team's preliminary design report!

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Other Projects / Accomplishments / Hobbies


Team Member, Co-captain - 2018-2020

As a member of a Botball team, I designed, built, and programmed robots for competition, using C. On my second year, I became co-captain of my team and we won 2nd place overall at the regional tournament. In the same year our team went on to become the world champions at the international tournament in Oklahoma against 60+ other teams.

Remote Polarimeter Experiment

As a part of the Project Querb non-profit, I designed a remotely controlled polarimeter experiment with a browser interface. It demonstrates polarization of light using a laser and two linear filters, one controlled by the user through a servo.

Project Querb is a non-profit organization with the goal of democratizing access to quality science experiments for everyone.

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Dungeons and Dragons

As the Dungeon Master for my group of friends, I practice creative writing, performance, and improvision as I lead my friends on adventures through Tremorah, a fantasy setting of my own design.

Garage Builds

Throughout high school, my friend and I used our free time to build various gadgets. Highlights include a 5-foot pilotable "Dalek" robot, many Nerf blaster modifications, and a 6-foot tall foam hammer